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Discharge Pump System

My friend, how are you today, ? I hope this weekend give us the best of everything ; find some good experiences, new spirit, and (may be) new planning for the better future, etc.
My friends, Let me share a simple material regarding the discharge pump system, but in this posting, I will only focus on centrifugal pump type. 

Reducer Suction Pump System

Generally, the pump inlet nozzle size is smaller than the suction line size. Therefore, usually, the reducer is required on suction pump nozzle. What the appropriate type of reducer should be applied ? Eccentric or Concentric ?

Pump Suction Strainer

For pump protection, inlet line suction pump should be fitted with a strainer. The strainer can be either T or Y type, permanent or only for temporary. For clean fluid service, such as; demineralized water, boiler feed water, etc the temporary strainer can be used..

Suction Pump Block Valve

Block valve shall be provided on suction and discharge line of pump. The block valve is required for isolation purpose during maintenance. In this posting, we will discuss about the block valve on suction pump. The block valve is not required for suction pump where pump maintenance can be performed without isolating the suction side.

System Separator

My friend, in this posting, I will share my experience in checking the typical separator system or pressure vessel system. This check list is only general rule or general engineering practice. as we know, each project has a specific requirements, so this guideline should be modified as per specific requirement.