STHE - A, B, C stream?

My friends, I will share a simple material about heat transfer, But it will only focus on introduction for thermal rating using HTRI. Thermal design of STHE is done by sophisticated computer software. (HTRI, HTFS, ASPEN etc). However, a good understanding of the underlying principles of Exchanger design is needed to use this software effectively

PSV Installation-Guide

My friend, Let me share a simple material about PSV installation. However it will only focus on designing the system.  This is become my first posting in this year. Hopefully, this material is useful for you in developing the system around PSV.

Minimum Flow System

My friend, In this posting we will discuss about the pump recycle systems. The pump shall be protected from minimum flow, due to the following reasons;
1. Thermal consideration which has effect to the pump efficiency (The efficiency will decrease significantly at low flow)
2. At low flow, Internal recirculation will be occurred
3. Increase load impeller (both axial and radial)
4. liquid containing a large amount of abrasive particles must flow continuously through the pump. at low flow, the particles can circulate inside the pump and erode the impeller.

Discharge Pump System

My friend, how are you today, ? I hope this weekend give us the best of everything ; find some good experiences, new spirit, and (may be) new planning for the better future, etc.
My friends, Let me share a simple material regarding the discharge pump system, but in this posting, I will only focus on centrifugal pump type. 

Reducer Suction Pump System

Generally, the pump inlet nozzle size is smaller than the suction line size. Therefore, usually, the reducer is required on suction pump nozzle. What the appropriate type of reducer should be applied ? Eccentric or Concentric ?